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Highlead GC0388 Heavy duty top and bottom feed walking foot machine with longer and higher arm

SKU: hgc0388 $1,299.99

Highlead model GC0388 top and bottom feed machine offers more working space by virtue of its 13" arm design. A lockstitch is formed on heavier materials using a link type feed mechanism, thread take uplever and large rotating hook. The high needle bar stroke and high lift alternating presser foot allow you to stitch heavy materials. Automatic lubrication ensures a long service life. Adjustments are easily made by using the top dial operated presser foot regulator together with the presser foot lever. It can be used in the production of such items as leather bags, suitcases, tents, and sofas made of leather, canvas and all types of heavy fabric.

Model GC0388-D is available as an automatic undertrimming machine with added functions and for higher efficiency.


  • Model: GC0388
  • Max.sewing speed: 2000r.p.m.
  • Stitch length: 0-8mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 38mm
  • Thread take-up lever stroke: 73mm
  • Preser foot lift: By hand-6mm By knee-16mm
  • Needle size DP×17 18#-22#
  • Feed dog: 3rows of teeth
  • Hook: Auto lubrication large hook
  • Lubrication: Auto lubricated
  • Motor: 370W clutch motor
  • Machine comes with knocked down stand and assembly instructions.Please contact us for a price with assembled stand