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BIRDINGFLY JA2-1 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

SKU: ja2-1 $135.00

For embroidery and sewing various kingds of light and heavy fabrics. Being operated not only with foot pedal, but also with a handle. Mini sewing machine motor and case are available like option.

Fit to most flat bed sewing machine tables and cases.

All metal parts,design for lifetime work.Heavy duty single needle straight stitch machine.


  • Speed: 1, 000 S.P.M.
  • Needle Use: HAx1 size 11 # - #14

  • Gross Weight: 12.5 (kgs)
  • Measurement: 42×20×29 (cm)
  • This is head only.Please contact us if you want a motor or hand crank for this model

    Treadle stand on the picture is not included