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Reliable 1500FR 4" Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine With 8-Sided Blade

SKU: r1500fr $189.00

The Reliable 1500FR can cut from a single ply of fabric, right up to 1" high, making it a very versatile - lightweight machine.

The combination of the octagonal blade, with carbide tipped and spring loaded lower blade, prevents the fabric from jamming. An extra thin base plate and light die cast design make the 1500FR a pleasure to operate.

Warranty: RELIABLE? 1 Year

Best used for:

  • Light to medium weight fabrics
  • Woven or loosely knit fabric
  • Features:

  • Octagonal cutting blade
  • Built-in sharpening mechanism
  • Extra-thin base plate
  • High-power electric motor
  • Carbide-tipped counter blade