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Gemsy GEM 391 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag and Embroidering Sewing Machine

SKU: g391 $599.00

? When this machine is used as an embroidering machine, the zigzag width is as large as 12mm and the sewing speed is as high as 1,700rpm. When used as a zigzag stitch machine, the zigzag width is as large as 10mm and the sewing speed is as high as 2,000rpm.Furthermore, the Gemsy GEM 391 can be used as a straight stitching machine capable of running at a speed of 2,000rpm by simply setting the zigzag width to 0.

? To change from embroidering to zigzag stitching or vice versa,all you need to do is install the throat plate exclusive for either function, and install/remove the presser bar and feed dog.This procedure can be carried out very easily.


  • Model name :GEM 391
  • Application:Embroidering and zigzag stitching light-, medium-,and heavy -weight materials
  • Max. sewing speed:2,000rpm (with a zigzag width set to 10mm)1,700rpm (with a zigzag width set to 12mm)
  • Thread take-up:Link type
  • Needle bar stroke33.4mm
  • Max. stitch length 5mm
  • Stitch length adjustment method:Moving the knob up/down
  • Needle DBĂ—1 (#14) #9?#16
  • Zigzag width:0?12mm
  • Zigzag width regulating method:Using the knee lifter with the zigzag width pointer released.If you sew the product with the zigzag width fixed to a certain value, the pointer should be fixed to that value.
  • Hook DB-type hook for embroidering (capable of using a thick thread)
  • Distance from needle to machine arm:270mm (from the needle entry bottom of the arm)
  • Due to limited supply of this model please contact us for availability before order

    Machine will be shipped with knock down stand to reduce shipping cost.