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StitchLink II Simple Sewing Machine Wireless Network Adapter

SKU: stl2simple $219.99

The world's first and only wireless connectivity solution for embroidery machines, the StitchLink Simple Family lets you:

  • Locate your embroidery machine and PC in different rooms without the need for cables
  • Use your existing embroidery software with no changes and no new procedures to learn
  • Download your patterns directly into the embroidery machine without plugging and unplugging computer hardware
  • Enable wireless access to your USB sewing machine

    StitchLink Simple has been designed specifically to provide 802.11b wireless networking capability for a USB enabled sewing machine. Now you can send your pattern data to your sewing machine wirelessly from anywhere at home.

    Easy Setup guidance for network novice users

    The bundled setup utility and comprehensive quick setup guide walks the user through the simple installation process for even a network / wireless novice. It is literally as easy as just point and click.

    Virtual Assist ? Secure Remote Assistance via the Internet

    You do not need to set up your product by yourself. We can do it for you. Silex Virtual Assist is our way of helping you get your Silex product up-and-running quickly and easily. It allows our technical support specialist to access your PC remotely via the Internet to conduct the device setup or walk you through the configuration process step by step in a tutorial way. It is the ultimate product setup experience. It is easy, secure and FREE.

    What do I need to use StitchLink II Simple?

    To get started on your wireless embroidery with StitchLink Simple, make sure you have the following ready:

  • - Sewing machine with a USB interface
  • - StitchLink II Simple
  • - Windows XP or Windows 2000 PC
  • - Wireless communication for your PC (included with StitchLink Simple models)
  • Compatibility

    The following sewing machine models have been tested and proven to be compatible with StitchLink Simple family. If you do not find your sewing machine in below, please contact our tech support.

    StitchLink II Simple

  • Baby Lock
  • Brother
  • Janome
  • Pfaff
  • Viking
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