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For the ulimate pressing performance, we suggest the C81 - with features that will give you professional results every time (the same features used by the best garment makers, dry cleaners and tailors in the world).

The "secret" to getting a clean-crisp finish to your garments? Your ironing table needs to have vacuum to remove the steam (it's built right into the table). Plus, the ironing table needs to stay dry. The pros know this.

For the C81 we add the "up-air" feature - we literally reverse the vacuum to create blowing so you can press on a cushion of air. Perfect for those delicate areas that are prone to show marks on the fabric (pocket area on pants, fly front, jacket lining, corduroy, velvet and so on... any area that if you pressed on a hard surface, it would leave an impression or crush the nap of the fabric).

Your clothes deserve better... with the C-81's professional tools (vacuum and up-air), you will notice an immediate improvement in the finish quality of your ironing. Your clothes will look fantastic, and so will you.

Like all RELIABLE? products, the c81 is built to last with the highest quality components to ensure years of trouble free use.

Warranty: RELIABLETM 1 Year

Best used for:

  • All types of ladies, men's and children's clothing
  • Linens and other houselhold items
  • Features:

  • Powerful vacuum & up-air motor
  • Built-in heating element
  • Large pressing surface
  • Useable from either side of the table (left or right side)
  • Folds up quickly and easily
  • Quick-Dry textured polyester pad and cover set