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Econosew DDL-8700 Industrial Straight Stitch Machine

SKU: e8700 $599.99

The machine inherits the desirable features, such as high-speed stitching performance 5,500rpm, extreme stitching performance, ease of operation, and reliability.

By providing a presser foot with a higher lift(13mm), a light-touch stitch dial, a throat plate with marker grooves that can be used as guide for seam allowance, and other easy-to-operate functions, the burden on the operator is lightened, and productivity is further increased.


  • For medium-weightmaterials
  • Max. sewing speed: 5,500rpm
  • Max. stitch length: 5mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 30.7mm
  • Lift of the presser foot:By hand: 5.5mmBy knee: 13mm
  • Needle: DBx1(#14)#9~#18
  • Feed dog: 4-row
  • Hook: Automatic-lubricating full-rotary hook
  • Lubrication: Automatic
  • Machine comes with knocked down table and assembly instructions.Please contact us for price with assembled tables