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Highlead GG0328-1 Heavy Duty Top and Bottom Feed Walking Foot Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine

SKU: hgg0328-1 $2,995.00

The GG0028 zigzag machine utilizes a large capacity rotating hook, a parallel vertical needle bar motion for strong striking power and a semi automatic lubrication system to produce attractive stitching with a long service life. It has the capability to be used as a zigzag machine, a straight stitch machine, or a decorative stitch machine. It features convenient reverse feeding and easy adjustment of zigzag width (up to 10 mm) and zigzag length (up to 5 mm). It is used on such medium heavy weight products as shoes, soft cases and bags, slippers, canvas goods, leather products, furniture and similar items.


  • Max.sewing speed : 2000r.p.m.
  • Stitch length: 5mm
  • Zigzag width: 10mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 36mm
  • Thread tade-up stroke: 82mm
  • Presser foot lift: By hand- 7mmBy knee- 13mm
  • Thickness to be sewn:8mm
  • Needle size: DP×35(134-35)18#-22#
  • Lubrication: Semi-auto lubricated
  • Motor: 370W Clutch motor
  • Machine comes with knocked down stand and assembly instructions.Please contact us for a price with assembled stand