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SV-71-650-110 650 Watts Industrial Sewing Machine Brushless Servo Motor with Synchronizer

SKU: sv71-650 $469.00

ISM SV-71-650-110 Industrial Sewing Machine Brushless Servo Motor with Synchronizer/ Needle Positioner , 650 Watts

ISM Motor comes with adapter for old style handwheels and screws.


Servo Motor for Industrial Sewing Machine SV-71

  • 1. Simple upgrade from clutch motor.
  • 2. High efficiency.
  • 3. Easy operation.
  • 4. Smaller size, and lighter weight.
  • 5. Motor overcurrent protection and High/Low voltage isolation.
  • 6. 2 Digital Display provides flexible function control.
  • 7. Synchronizer can be used for needle positioning.

    FUNCTION Value

    Input Voltage Range 1ψ: 110V ± 10% 1ψ: 220V ± 10%

    Motor Output Power 650W 650 W

    Motor Rated Speed 5000 RPM 5000 RPM

    Pulley Size Range 50-100mm 50-100mm

    Gross Weights 4.5KG 4.5KG

    Motor rotating direction control Y Y

    Needle up/down positioning Y Y

    Speed control Y Y

    Soft start Y Y

    Accelerating slope Y Y

    Decelerating slope Y Y

    Motor comes with cable and plug ready but without actual plug.Plug installation required.

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